Episode 10 Part 2: Tasting Viu Manent’s wines

Hello all,

Here is part 2 of the interview with Viu Manent winemaker Grant Phelps. In this episode, Grant gives us insights into a number of wines that I picked out as the most noteworthy ones that I tasted from their lineup.  One thing that’s unusual about Viu Manent is that they are a Chilean winery with a special focus on malbecs, which is more commonly known from examples from Argentina. We discuss how Viu Manent got into malbec, the difference between their wines and Argentinean malbecs, and the following wines:

Viu Manent El Capilla Single Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon

Viu Manent Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon

2003 Viu 1 (malbec blend)

2007 Viu Manent El Olivar Single Vineyard Malbec

More episodes coming soon on:  blending your own wine with a Crushpad Fusebox, review of NOBOS wines from Sobon Estate, and my picks from the Wines of Argentina tasting.

The Amateur Wino Episode 10 Part 2 The Wines from Amateur Wino on Vimeo.