The Amateur Wino is an interactive wine blog video series aimed at the average consumer who likes wine and wants to learn more about it in an easy and fun way. It assumes no wine knowledge and aims to help people get over the idea that they need to know something about wine to appreciate it. Now more than ever, there are excellent wines from many different places at all price levels- and my aim is to find them and share them with you so that you don’t have to wade through hundreds of tasting notes to find good wines. I do try to mix up the content for both the casual wine drinker and the more serious winegeek, so you will find both bargain wines and occasional splurge bottles profiled here.

I am not a winemaker, importer, distributor, retailer, sommelier or professional in the wine trade – I’m just a guy who loves wine, and has tasted thousands of them in his search for good wines.  My aim with this series is to provide something that too many other wine critics or shows don’t provide – a guide through the world of wine who can still relate to the average consumer, who isn’t making money off of you or the wine business.  I’m a consumer like you, with an average income, who just wants to find good wines that we can afford.   If you follow the series, hopefully you’ll be able to experience a lot of nice wines, learn which ones to avoid, and build a neat little collection without having to spend a fortune or a lot of time searching. Drink well!

A few notes about winemakers featured in this series:  I only approach winemakers whose wines I like to appear on the show.  Usually that means I’ve been able to taste their wines, either by purchasing them at retail, or at free retailer tastings.  Occasionally I am able to taste their wines for free at a trade event or by means of review bottles received free of charge.  Other than these standard ways of tasting wines, I do not ask for or receive compensation from the wineries I profile. When I do profile a wine for which I received a tasting sample, I specify it in the post, and I do not guarantee that a wine will be profiled just because I receive a sample.

About my notes: I tend to write a few categories of notes. One category is brief notes, usually taken at retailer or trade tastings where you taste just a small sample. At these tastings, I try to take only brief notes to get a quick overview of the wine. Please view these notes as snapshots only.

For wines where I have a full bottle or at least a glass (hopefully with a meal), I try to write longer notes that follow the evolution of the wine. If I open a bottle at home, I will often follow its evolution over 3-5 days, and I will try to mention wine pairings when something is worth noting.

Questions and comments are encouraged: alan@amateurwino.com


Video and still camera photography by Plee and Alan

Editing by Alan

Logo by:  Bluetiful Angel

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